Udder Health – Large herd (English edition)

With a structured approach, a dairy farm can achieve and maintain first rate udder health. Udder Health – Large herd contains the building blocks for optimal organization of housing, care and management.

Its practical text, clear photos and illustrations make the book an accessible and interesting guide for every dairy farmer. This edition pays extra attention to managing udder health on larger dairy farms. After all, a systematic approach to udder health on those farms is even more important. Setting clear goals, taking steps to reach them and monitoring problems get due attention in Udder Health – Large herd.

Authors Jan Hulsen, Theo Lam and Ynte H. Schukken
Publisher Roodbont Publishers B.V.
©Jan Hulsen
ISBN 978-90-8740-033-0
Pages 64
Price incl. VAT 299 SEK

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