Sheep Signals (English edition)

Sheep Signals

A sheep and its herd are inseparable. So always observe both! Maybe that´s why singular and plural of the word sheep are the same…

Sheep continuously give signals that give you so much information about their health, wellbeing, feed and behaviour. For every sheep farmer and hobbyist, the art is to notice these signals and take appropriate action.

Sheep Signals is the ideal practical guide for learning how to better observe behaviour, posture and physical characteristics of group of sheep and individuals. Since a sheep is a typical herd animal, it should always be assessed in the context of the group. When doing this, it is important not to jump to conclusions too quickly but keep asking three questions: What do I see? What is the cause? What should I do? With this knowledge, you can then take directly targeted measures. Can you recognise a liver fluke snail? And did you know that copper requirements vary from breed to breed? How can you tell whether a sheep is suffering from copper poisoning or a copper deficiency?

There are always plenty of signals to pick up if you use your antennae. Sheep Signals will help you to develop them.

Sheep Signals is the first edition in the Sheep Signals® series. Sheep Signals® presents in an accessible way practical knowledge about animal-oriented sheep farming.

Author Frank Glorie
Publisher Roodbont Publishers B.V.

ISBN 978-90-8740-239-6
Hardcover, full color
Pages 128
Price incl. VAT 339 SEK



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