Fertility (English edition)


fertilityGetting cows in calf may seem easy enough but fertility is a problem for many farming businesses. Important issues include nutrition and the health of the cows with respect to calving and the first month of lactation. Dealing properly with these two issues forms the most important challenge in breeding for virtually every dairy farm.

Getting cows in calf, usually through insemination, is a meticulous job that requires commitment, due care and professional skill. Fortunately, professional skill can be trained. Professional skill, care, commitment and motivation are encouraged by direct, visible results. This guide Fertility examines all elements concerning a proper approach to fertility in your business.

Author Jan Hulsen
Publisher Roodbont Publishers B.V.
©Jan Hulsen
ISBN 978-90-8740-026-2
Pages 44
Price incl. VAT 249 SEK

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