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Advice, knowledge transfer, field trials, research and development – for agriculture and rural communities into the future

The Rural Economy and Agricultural Societies is a modern and vibrant body of knowledge transfer with history extending all the way back to 1791. At that time agriculture was fundamental for the survival and prosperity of Sweden and its people. As famine was reality back then, there was immediate demand for knowledge transfer and research and development in order to secure food production.

Today, we are still that bridge between research and development and rural enterprises. Our staff in advisory and education services, field trials and research and development all have a common goal of a prosperous and vibrant future in agriculture and rural communities in Sweden.

Hushållningssällskapet is a national body made up by 15 independent Rural Economy and Agricultural Societies. You find our clients in agriculture and food production as well as the forestry sector. Most of our clients are rurally based, while others are using our rural resources to create business. Our clients range from family farms, agricultural colleges and universities to our public services.

Besides offering advice to rural businesses (mainly farmers), we own a number of agricultural colleges and farms as well as run field trials and research and development projects in a range of areas all the way from farm to fork. We are very proud of our origin and base in the rural economies, where using the natural resources wisely is central. Our future is in the health of our children, our students and sustainable communities that thrive by development, profitability and better business for our clients.

Every day we meet clients and students that wish to develop their skills by taking part of our knowledge and methods. Often the focus is on improving efficiency of production and improved profitability, but never without personal growth and development of the business.

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Bo Selerud, CEO, Hushållningssällskapens förbund