Baltic Wool Conference and Baltic Wool Cooperation 2.0


BWC 2.0 (Baltic Wool Cooperation) is a parallel project to the Baltic Wool Conference (BWC) and will contain networking and an inventory of plants processing sheep wool (spinning mills etc) in the Baltic Sea

Participation in two wool conferences (2020 and 2021) is vital for the project to find appropriate partners for future collaborations, aiming to increase wool processing and exchange between businesses in the area. Major activities: a start meeting for all partners in Stockholm August 2020, participation in the BWC on Gotland October 2020, study trips to Estonia and Poland, planning and participation in the BWC on
Gotland 2021 and a final meeting in Stockholm December 2021 or January 2022 for final summary and report.

An inventory will be made (map or booklet) outlining the mills capacity, machinery and quality/quantities produced. Networks and new cooperations will be built between businesses working with sheep wool during the 18 months of the project.


Artikel i Gröna affärer nr 4 2020 om Baltic Wool